Failure Is Your Friend

When stand-up comedians first start out, failure is constant. Comedians have to withstand years of trial-and-error to find their voice and learn how to perform, write, rewrite, and hone their craft. The fear of failure paralyzes many comedy newcomers – but those comedians that understand failure is inevitable are the ones that make it big. You can never know if a joke actually works until you tell it to a crowd, right? Well much like comedians, side hustlers have to fail and adjust along the way. That is the only guaranteed way to understand what works and what doesn’t. In this episode of Side Hustle, Jasmyn talks to Drew Miller who is the founder of Live @ The Apt, which is a live-standup comedy show that he hosts INSIDE of his apartment. You’ll hear how Drew has struggled with growing his side project and how he’s adjusting his business model to make Live @ The Apt a sustainable business.

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