Everyone is a Salesperson, even Doctors.

Despite the stigma, there is a business aspect to health care. I’m not a doctor or a chiropractor, the only adjustments I do are fixing the thinking and actions of business people. The first thing that needs an adjustment is the thinking that “I’m a chiropractor” instead of “I’m a business person”. Whether you are in dentistry or you’re a proctologist, you must become good at selling, because if a practice isn’t profitable it’s not going to exist.

Health care professionals will use words like “prescribe” or “enroll” but the reality is they are “selling”. If you’re a health care professional of any kind, use these three tips to sell your practice better:

1. Give Information Overload

Years ago the sales industry hadn’t innovated for decades before I created what’s called Information Assisted Selling. Information Assisted Selling literally has changed entire industries—now including the health care industry. You can use information to put you in control of the sales process. Do you want to gain control, improve the sales process, and improve sales results? Information Assisted Selling makes it your job when you sell something to get the customer the information they want. Embrace it with you, your brand, and your business here.

Think about what every customer has in common with every other customer. Whether they come over the internet, over the phone, or whether they walk in, they all are coming for one thing—and it’s not you. It’s information. Some of you may think they are coming to buy, but they are coming for information so they can buy the product. Without the information first, they can’t make a decision.

Use the offer of information separate from the giving of information.

The offer of information will allow you to enter the fact finding/pre-appraisal phase so that you can collect data and build a solid buyer profile to land them on the right product.

2. Ask Quality Questions

You cannot control the sale without asking quality questions. You need to know the exact questions you need to ask to sell effectively. What kind of questions can you ask to control the sale? It is literally impossible to control a sale without asking quality questions. You can call this qualifying, identifying wants and needs, investigation—call it what you may.

Questions set up everything else from the presentation of the product to the negotiations and even how you close. You don’t want to start talking about your product until you know what is important to a customer. Quality questions speed up the process time with customers by clarifying for you what they want, why they want it, and how they can justify it and make sense of a decision.

You need to figure out what problem your customer is trying to solve and what they could consider something they would love. The purpose of fact finding is to find out what the right product is, why the product is needed, and how to present the product.

3. Learn to Prospect over the Phone

If you want to grow ANY business—getting more clients and more closes—you will have to get to the right person, get their attention, and then convince them to take action. Most people start out in business being unknown and cold calling is a phenomenal way to reach out and broaden your network. When you do thisyou must be able to predict every possible response, objection, or complaint from the person you are calling. This only comes with a dedication to studying yourself, your methods and your prospects.

I recorded my calls, reviewed them, took notes, rewrote the answers, pitched, recorded and repeated—until I had an ability to predict any question, complaint or objection from prospects.

You need an intro, a reason for calling (a big claim), a way to qualify the person, and a method of locking the apt. down or closing. Each step is necessary. All of your preparation and practice will be for not if you don’t have the right structure to build your script around.

You need more than enthusiasm and confidence, you need skills to do this right.

Can cold calling really increase the business for a doctor’s office, whether it’s a dentist, chiropractor, or someone working at a big hospital? Yes, because people don’t know you even exist.

Yes, everyone is a salesperson, even doctors.

Be great,


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