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Fortune 500 Companies Have Secret – Tim Clark

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Why Every Fortune 500 Company Uses Custom Software and So Should You
  • Walmart, Apple, Exxon, CVS, General Motors, Amazon (regardless of industry). What do they know?
  • They were pioneers in their industry, starting with a niche. No software existed to support that type of business
  • Now, that software is a valuable asset to the business. Take out insurance policies on their software.
  • Russell Bruson, “Money is in the niches”
  • Hank Norman, “Find a narrow niche, and become THE expert”
  • Grant Cardone “Don’t complete, Dominate!”
  • Amazon is giving small businesses access to the same technology they use for their own business.
  • As a certified AWS Solutions Architect and Developer, I can apply these business principles by using these AWS technologies to create software for your niche business, so you can realize those riches.
  • To learn more and to get started, call me at 904-400-0846, or go to