• JarrodGlandt

    This is hands down the BEST GC presentation I have ever seen!

  • ChrisLancaster

    JarrodGlandt I agree 100%

  • AlSpencer

    This is awesome.. Can Grant explain in a video how did he overcome from 2 businesses being tied up, the bank calling his notes and a lawsuit? I had similar issues dealing with the crash and curious to know what steps did he take to get out of that mess. 

  • OMG that was incredible… GC should be on prime time, great job!

  • FilipeSousa

    Loool grant hit the kid hard with them indirect comments but he kept trying that was the best event I’ve seen from you uncle g You got swagg darwg…. Love from London

  • JennStarkey

    Please Give Papa the money:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLb8ezoM-hU