Grant Cardone and Eric Thomas talk at Grant’s beautiful apartment in the Regalia over looking the Ocean in Miami discussing what things are necessary for success and answer questions from viewers on Perisccope. Find out what Eric does first thing in the morning as the two men talk about where they’ve come from and where they are now—along with how you can get to where they are. It’s not who you know—it’s who you need to know!


    Big time Eric Thomas and Grant fan.. going crazy watching this

  • Cindy S

    Yes you guys should come to Vegas!

  • Gerald A Pimpleton

    This should hve ripped the space time continuum or something! How could any building hold these two hands down business beasts in one facility? Bar none, hands down….this was Batman vs. Superman in real life! Oh to be a fly on the wall and drink in the greatness in the room! #HustleMuscleOnRoids #NoAlarmClockNeeded

    I want to pull out my Amex just this video!

  • stacyacross

    Are you comfortable? The get uncomfortable-

  • GbengaAkinwole

    I will be a fly on the wall in that room mehn.Thats greatness in one room.