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Evan Forster and David Thomas & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Evan Forster and David Thomas have a combines 50+ years experience building businesses and providing solutions via their New York City based consulting firm, Forster-Thomas Inc. When It comes to getting a job, navigating the workplace in a manner that leads to recognition and promotion, Eric and David are straight talking Power Players offering a level of truth most people need to hear and act on immediately. Their weekly radio show, Job Talk which airs Wednesday’s at noon eastern time, explores the connection between the work place and life and how the success of one impacts the other. Evan and David have a bold, high energy, passionate discussion about entitlement issues, the “everyone gets a trophy mentality” and how it hurt an entire generation. They remind job seekers to remember to make it about what you can do for the employer and to sell your skills and solutions you can provide. If you are seeking work or hiring talent this is a must watch episode.

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