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Episode 3 – “Lucky Number Seven”

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Episode 3 brings a rain of tears from both the male and female contestants. Grant pushes these people harder than we’ve seen in any other episode. Where would you draw the line? Would you do what these contestants did? Some of them risk being sent back to their home country. One risks losing their home and their children. Grant also shows his compassionate side when faced with a reminder of where he came from and the bottom that he hit before rising to become the most recognized sales trainer of his era.

The * on the episode title denotes cry babies.

The Contestants:
• Dave “The Canadian” Pavelich
• Andres “The Bellman” Medina
• Kyle “The Giant” Zaharias
• Clayton “The Brazilian” Pariera
• Jurate “Fashionista” Luckaite
• Dora “Nanny” Villagosi
• Yasmin “Evicted” Hernandez