Episode 1 – “Show Me the Money”

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“Whatever It Takes” is the no-whining, no-bitching ultimate interview experience. It follows Grant Cardone through his hiring process with a group of contestants. These job seekers, from recent graduates to seasoned sales professionals, are trying to prove that they have Whatever It Takes to join the Grant Cardone team! Will they break or will they prove themselves worthy?

Each episode chronicles one intense day of challenges, broken down into easy-to-watch chapters, as Grant and his team work out each person’s strengths and weaknesses. True character and honest intent come out when pushed to the edge. Who will be the winner? Who will be eliminated first? Watch now to find out!

Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author, multi-millionaire, and international business and sales expert, introduces his brand new reality show: “Whatever It Takes”.

The WIT team:
• Grant Cardone, CEO
• Elena Cardone, Grant’s wife
• Sheri Hamilton, “The Cleaner”, Chief Operating Officer
• Jarrod Glandt, Vice President of Sales

Sheri, “The Cleaner”, is the one committed to making the company run smoothly and with intensity. Elena, Grant’s wife, believes that everyone can succeed, but stands behind Grant and his decisions—the contestants also have to win her over to stand a chance. Jarrod, Grant’s right-hand-man, keeps a second set of eyes on all of the contestants.

The Contestants:
• Don “Mr. Enthusiasm” Mast
• Eddie “Steady Eddie” Bordens
• Elizaveta Serenkov
• Geeza “The Hungarian” Varga
• Janet “The Teacher” Cepero
• Jonathon “Maple Syrup” Fishman
• Luis “Big Boy” Ramirez
• Natasha “The Hottie” Brooks

Grant wants people who are intelligent, problem solving, skilled and committed to doing Whatever It Takes to get the job done. The only way to find out is to put people through a series of challenges to find their breaking point.

The most anticipated web series starts now on Whatever It Takes Network!

  • Jim

    I noticed that too

  • Asif Gill

    This was one of the best video series I have watched; I am a better sales person because of it. Eddie was very inspirational, I think Grant Cardone made the right decision to hire Eddie.

  • paul gonzalez

    Not sure where you find these people, but it’s hilarious. Through out my life I’ve always tried to figure out the difference between somebody successful and somebody that’s not. It really just boils down to……

    I was gonna leave it like !! Fear the lack it

  • Derrick Brubaker

    Super surprised you didn’t keep Eddie and Natasha both, but Eddie did do outstanding! This episode aired 2 years ago, is he still with the company? Has Eddie grossed 1,000,000 in conversions since this video?

  • Carrie Marino

    G&E! #WhateverItTakes