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Faster than you can imagine… you can have a Best Selling Book, that Builds Your Business and Your Brand. Trevor interviews #1 best selling author John Cote about how publishing and podcasting is a NECESSARY part your business, no matter what business you are in.

John Cote is the Award Winning author of several #1 Best Selling books. His company, John Cote & Associates, develops growth strategies and consults on creating client marketing platforms by publishing best selling books, podcasts and online webinars.

A voracious reader, John invests a great deal of time researching cutting edge trends in technology, social media and marketing. He is the founder and host of the Healthcare Elsewhere show, the worlds leading medical tourism podcast where patients share their success stories and he interviews Doctors and healthcare experts worldwide. His most recent #1 best selling book was published in September 2014 and is also titled HEALTHCARE ELSEWHERE.

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