How Entrepreneurs Can Help Fix America by Maureen Kline

How Entrepreneurs Can Help Fix America by Maureen Kline

By mentoring young people, you can change lives, spread entrepreneurial values, and help grow the economy.

Entrepreneurs are powering the economy, introducing innovation, and creating jobs. But as an entrepreneur you are also uniquely placed to help bring back the “American Dream.”

Innumerable studies show that income inequality is rising, with less opportunity for the poor to access quality education and careers. As a result, social mobility has stagnated. On the lowest rungs of the ladder, hope is dying.

The obvious solution is to improve education, creating more equal opportunity, a value America was founded on. The Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a think tank, estimates that the investment it would take to move American students’ test scores up five places in international rankings would eventually add 1.7 percent to our GDP and yield around $900 billion in tax revenue–meaning the investment would pay off handsomely.

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