Ending Violence

Gandhi said, “The worst form of violence is poverty.” If people were busy and working hard to get financially free, they wouldn’t be getting into trouble or committing crimes. The fact is boredom breeds trouble. Poverty can lead to crime because you don’t have anything to do. If you’re waking up in the morning and have no job to get to, what are you going to do with yourself? You’ll find trouble.

The way to lower crime rates is to take the white space out of calendars. When there is too much white space, people will find trouble. I know I did. When I wasn’t busy and staying productive, I found trouble. When I was younger, I got in a lot of trouble. I lost my dad at 10 and became rebellious as a teen. By my early twenties, I was a drug addict. If I could go back in time, what would I advise little Grant? I’d tell him to stay busy. If you are productive, you won’t be bored. People are either busy or bored. When they are bored, they get in trouble.

When was the last time you did something bad? I bet before you did that thing, you were bored and looking for something to do. Boredom brings trouble.

Get busy and don’t be bored. Get on my Playbook and I’ll teach you everything you need to stay busy, and if you want, become wealthy. It’ll keep you out of trouble and bring you nothing but positive things—I promise. There is so much bad stuff happening around the world, whether it’s the chaotic news coming from Dallas, Orlando, France, or Turkey you need to stay positive and productive today.

The worst form of violence is poverty. When you get rich, you can start helping people. None of the people committing these crimes around the world are wealthy, prosperous or productive people. The wealthy are able to donate and make big changes. If you stay poor or middle class you have no extra money to help because you can’t take care of others when you are struggling to take care of yourself. Not being able to help others doesn’t feel good. Many people want to help out more in their community but they don’t have quite enough to do so.

If you want to fight poverty, get rich. If the worst form of violence is poverty, go to war against it by getting super rich. Get my Playbook today.

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