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Build an Empire

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Find someone you love and work together. How do you do this? One thing you can do to get started is to make a written list of qualities you want in a person. Here are 3 main steps Elena discusses on your way to your empire:

1.Pick Right—Find the person you trust. Find the person you want to grow with. Find out what you want and what you need. Write it down. If you are married, get your spouse on the same page. Communication is vital.

2.Dig for Gold Together—You have to find your assets. The purpose of “us” should be bigger than just the purpose of an individual. Digging for gold can be looking to make yourself or others around you better. What can you do to support your spouse?

3.The Future Picture—What does it look like? Think about how you can help things, what you want to do, and what you dream of. Your future picture has to be communicated with your spouse. Work together on your shared future.

Elena gives many golden nuggets of wisdom in this episode as she goes solo with Grant in Vegas.