Educate with the Goal to Activate

I recently flew to Atlanta to speak with the management team of Mohawk Industries. The Group is a 107-year-old company that dominates the soft and hard flooring space. I was so encouraged with management’s interest in making their people the best they can be. The presentation was only one hour long but I gave the audience specific things they could do to activate their results.

I spoke to the group about the importance of activating their people on a daily basis through examples and actions not just words. This is required so you can dominate your market rather than compete. We talked about specific strategies to ensure management is continuing to push their people to new levels of production.

I have delivered thousands of presentations and always leave inspired; reminded of the importance of education.

Every company needs new ideas in today’s competitive marketplace. If your company wants a keynote presentation I would be honored to create a presentation specific for your business. Whether you want sales, domination strategies, customer service, handling competition, follow-up, social media, closing the deal, digital media, inspiration, motivation or maybe they just want to bring me out for dinner, drinks and selfies. I love working with positive people that want to own their markets.

Grant Cardone, Author and International Speaker

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