Edit Like Grant Cardone’s Video Genius – Robert Syslo

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Learn how to edit like Grant Cardone’s Video Genius.

The first step that you have to take is you have to start listening to music that has rhythm and no lyrics. Music with motion is a very fundamental part of what it takes to edit. Editing is the perfect balance between imagery, cuts, lights, color, movement, and sound mixed all together. Start thinking in imagery and pictures. To learn more watch the rest of the video and check out Part 2.


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  • Tim Brooks

    Good informative video. Can we have more like this?

  • Tim Brooks

    I have been moving into using sales videos to either pre-sell do the complete sales portion of an appointment and then we just do a Q&A and then close. We have also been moving heavily into using stories and epiphany bridge stories with video. Your video came along at the right time. What camera equipment would you recommend?