Earning That Cheese

The best-selling book Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson tells the story of two mice and two small humans inside a maze. They all need cheese and they find it at a place called “Cheese Station C”. One day the cheese is gone, and while the mice quickly go and hunt for more cheese elsewhere, the two humans become paralyzed and argue about why there is no cheese—or money—anymore. Regardless of what you call money: cheese, bread, clams, dough—the path to success is the same.

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As victims, they start to blame each other for their problem. As the story progresses, they learn useful lessons on their way to finding new money:

• Change Happens: The money always moves
• Anticipate Change: Be ready for the money to move
• Monitor Change: Check the money often to know when it’s getting bored
• Adapt to Change Quickly: The faster you let go of old money the sooner you’ll find new money
• Change: Move with the money
• Enjoy Change: The challenge is good; enjoy new money

What are people taught today in the middle-class maze? 76% of people are never able to save any money because they are able to only gather “just enough.” The middle-class maze is endless pursuit—it has no victory. It’s running into walls.

There is no shortage of money on this planet, but one must get out of the middle-class maze to find it.

I want to give you some tips today to get your money:

Persistence Pays: Keep looking for the money
Be omnipresent: Let the money come to you
No excuses: Money never listens
Fear is a sign: If you are comfortable, new money is probably far

Most of all, you must assume responsibility for your money.

No game in life is very enjoyable without first accepting control over your understanding of the game, how you play the game, and then the end result of the game. Those who assume the position of ‘victim’ will never be secure because they turn over responsibility to another. They never know for themselves what they can do.

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To get where you want to go, you must take the view that whatever is going on in your maze—good, bad, or nothing—is something caused by you. Change happens, but you must assume control over every change that happens, even for those things that you appear to have no control over. Whether you are in control of change or not, elect to claim responsibility and control so that you can do something to improve your situation.

You make all things happen. Break out of the maze. If you need tools and skills to help get you there, I created Cardone University for all those running around stuck in the middle-class maze. I promise you that you will never find enough cheese within those walls.

Be great,

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