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Videos are the best ways to increase engagement on posts. Engagement is the metric that shows, not how many people passively can see your post, but how many actually put effort into viewing your content. This is a great metric because people who put effort into viewing your content are more likely to be qualified leads.


Qualified leads are more likely to contact you and more likely to spend money on your products or services.


So find out three kinds of videos you can make in order to get that engagement that will turn into those leads.  

Posed videos are those that you put production effort into. You set up cameras, put up lights, and write scripts. You put time into researching what you are going to say. You put time into editing the video afterwards.  


Expert Tip: Use these videos to show your audience how professional you can be. If you are a marketing company, then this is your opportunity to show them how well you can make a video, so make sure it is perfect.

Impromptu videos are the ones you shoot spontaneously as ideas come to your mind. Or maybe you shoot them on the go. Or because you just want to share something with your audience.  


Expert Tip: These videos are where you can show the heart and soul of your company. Use them to be interesting, genuine, and sometimes less than perfect. This is meaningful because it is the most real kind of message, which your followers will appreciate.

How-to videos have become increasingly popular, the most famous being those addictive Tasty videos. These are the videos where you show your followers how to do something or make something, often without words, but with quality filming or animation.


Expert Tip: You can use these videos to show your audience how modern and helpful your brand is. Just make sure the quality is as good as possible.  

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