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Duncan Scarry

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On this episode Grant sits down with automotive advertising entrepreneur Duncan Scarry. His company, Haystak Digital Marketing is the leading provider of digital marketing services to the automotive industry.
In 2002, Duncan started his first company, Moore & Scarry, an advertising agency that focused on digital campaigns. He bought out his partner at Moore & Scarry in 2006 and began working on technology that took dealership inventory and created short ads appealing to shoppers on Google.

Then he set up a unit of his advertising firm to develop the technology. When AutoTrader spotted the potential of Haystak Digital Marketing it also saw the value in it’s creator. It bought the company and asked Scarry to stay on-board and in charge. Listen to hear how this entrepreneur was raised, how he started multiple companies and how he almost folded when he didn’t think he could handle failure. Plus, he shares his tips and advice for young entrepreneurs who want to be true Power Players.