How to Drive Massive Recurring Revenue

For millions of small business owners, solo-preneurs, or start-ups they have a problem. There is only one of them and there is lots of opportunity. They quickly build a business built on passion, hustle, a good product, and some sales acumen only to hit a ceiling of complexity they can’t seem to break through. Based on poor business design where there business is built primarily around their time and talents they operate on a sell-do-collect model and have NO residual revenue. They then seek to re-calibrate the poorly designed business to find a way to build monthly recurring revenue that flows in month after month and year after year making their business more fun and enjoyable, more profitable and reliable, and positioned perfectly to one day sell. In this episode, Coach Micheal Burt asks LightspeedVT Founder and CEO Brad Lea how he built a massive recurring revenue system through his company.

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