Dream Job or Dream Life?

It’s been said that having a job means you’re just over broke. If someone says that to you, they have the wrong job. Many people are working for someone else right now and getting rich. You don’t have to own your own business! But if you are working for someone else, and if you are broke, it’s not a dream job. A dream job is not what you want to do. A dream job will pay you enough money to make money to have choices.

Don’t tell me how much you love your job; tell me how much paper you get. You need to get in the right vehicle. The right vehicle will have the right driver, someone willing to accelerate and go. Don’t move to an industry that is dying. The right vehicle will have horsepower and not just give you the job you want, but the life you want.

When you are out hunting for that dream job you need to be looking for two things: The Big M and the Big V.

1) The Big M—Margin: The 99 cent store will never pay enough because they have no margin. All companies need margin but many companies make so little of it that they have nothing leftover to expand or to pay people. Having big margins gives cash and life to a business. Your dream job will be with a company that has BIG margins.

2) The Big V—Volume: Selling planes may have big margin but there is no volume in that. You don’t want to have a sale and then go a month with nothing. You want to be able to duplicate often and have a high frequency. Businesses fail first and foremost because their ideas weren’t sold quickly enough and in quantities great enough.

Every company worth working for will have margin and volume. If the company you are looking at only has 1 of the 2, it’s not going to be a dream job. You can make $50,000 a year for awhile, but sooner or later you will start to hate the job because you know your paycheck is spent before you even get it. Don’t just get the job you want—build the life you want. You need to be looking to your future, not your Fridays.

The margin and volume of a company allow opportunity—and opportunity is the right vehicle.

Remember that everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission. If you want a job, you will have to sell yourself. My book Sell or Be Sold discusses how to sell yourself to decision makers about why you are the one they should hire.

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