DreAllDay – Long Days Are Part of the Game

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Long days are part of the process that you have to get through. When you sign up for the gam, this is what you sign up for. Not everyday is going to be easy or fun, but you have to push through. Deal with it and understand that it is all part of the journey.

Dre Baldwin (aka “DreAllDay”) is an international expert in Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline who has written 14 books and hosts the daily Work On Your Game Podcast. Dre played 9 years of professional basketball and has published over 6,000 YouTube videos.

Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

  • David Edmunds

    Yes it’s great to here that you’re not the only one where I’m at. Part of the game. Water of the ducks back. Get back on that horse. Just one more call. Aim high for the stars to reach the moon. When you are flat the only way is up.