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How to Handle Drama

In this Show

Today on the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone discuss drama. How do you handle drama and how do you avoid it? Write down 3 ways you add drama to your life. It’s easy to talk about what others are doing, but difficult to see your own drama. Grant can make drama about crumbs in the fridge and stickers on fruit. Elena knows that small stuff like this comes from the fact that Grant expects a lot from himself. When you assign the solution or problem to someone else, you are involved in drama. If you point out wrongs, point out rights as well.

You watching cop shows, reality TV shows, watching news about ISIS and involving yourself in politics leads to drama in your life. Ask yourself how you can simplify your life, and also watch who your friends are. Friends can bring drama so be careful with the company you keep. For every story where someone gets overwhelmed with drama in life, there is someone who rises above the noise. The bigger the person the bigger the problems. Rise above the noise and get focused on your goals. Get on Grant’s Playbook today so that instead of adding drama to your life, you can start adding money to your life.

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