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Dr. Eric Cole- Secure By Default

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Nothing is Secure by Default. Now I am sure a smart reader can find a few things that are secure by default, but for most of the devices and technology that we use in our daily life, they are not secure by default. The reason is simple. Companies that sell technology, whether it is hardware or software, want to make money. Organizations make money when customers are happy. Organizations lose money when customers are angry and upset. Customers are happy when things work. Customers are sad when things do not work. Therefore, if a device, application, or web site was super locked down with security and nothing worked, people would get frustrated. (On a side note, I hope I can live to see a world in which security is valued and people are happy when functionality is limited because of security, but we are not there yet.) Therefore, vendors that produce technology will often have minimal security enabled by default, so there is no interruption to the user experience. The GOOD NEWS is most products do have security built in, the BAD NEWS is that it is turned off by default.

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