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Doug Mitchell & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Doug Mitchell hustled his way from a graphic designer, marketer to being a CEO and majority owner of an award winning direct sales company. Tune in and catch Doug’s inspiring story that shows how responsibility, solid work ethic, accountability, networking pays off. Doug advises people to always have integrity always prepare and have a strategy otherwise you’ll be lost.

Doug shares a story of how he removed close to $40,000 in gold for a photography project, how his boss fired him for it only to rehire him 6 months later and turn over the business Doug is CEO and Majority Owner of today.

Doug is not even 30 and already a husband, father of three and a CEO on a growth track committed to bettering his people recruiting great talent. He’s taken Argenta Field Solutions from nothing to a 4.5 million dollar business with continued growth on the horizon. Tune in and learn from Doug.

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