Don’t Take Your Relationship for Granted

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging to your partner about how they don’t pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive.

When you run a business, you have urgent things to take care—the fuse is getting low and it’s about to blow—and you can’t always put your attention on your spouse you want to, or when they want it. Marriages need a system in place that will make time to talk, so pull out your calendar and make talk time. During talk time, do two main things:

1) Validate what they’ve done well—Focus on the positives. Always find the good in people, and let them know what you appreciate and that you appreciate them.

2) Go over goals to get in alignment—When you spend your days apart it’s easy to start going down two separate roads. You need to frequently get back on the same page or the distance will only widen.

The massage, the candlelit dinner, the weekend trip, that stuff is all good, but your big picture problems as a couple will remain—don’t think those things will solve your big picture problems. The reality is you must come together, ideally at least once a week, and help each other find solutions to each of your problems.

Many times your partners problems will be different from your problems. He might be distracted with work stress, she might be distracted by three kids at home. Seek to solve your problems together and you will not be taking your spouse for granted.

In many ways, running a marriage is no different from running a business.

How can you make time for the kids and the biz? How do you do it all? Having money helps… it gives you options. Some people like to think more money, more problems, but the reality is, more money, more options. It’s a lot easier to hire someone to watch the kids so you can spend one-on-one time with your spouse and really enjoy your time off if you aren’t worrying about still being able to pay bills, what the cost of the food will be, or balling on a budget…

But how do you get money? Production. It’s production that will get you what you need because it allows you to buy the things you need so you can solve the problems of life and get back to the pleasures of life. Let me explain:

The Pleasure—the things that you enjoy, the dinners, the time off, the relaxing…

The Problems—the things that stop your pleasure… the pain, the undesirable things of life, the bills…

The Production—the thing that helps you solve problems to get back to the pleasure.

Simple, right?

Most people fail in marriage because they never confront the problems. What happens when things get tough? You’re going to have problems in your relationships. The pleasure is not going to solve your problems. The only thing that will get you out of your problems is production.

You must produce money, love, romance, and ideas in a relationship.

Production means to bring forth something. Do you know how to bring forth that which your husband or wife needs? A spouse can only make you so happy, so you must produce in life to have sustained pleasure.

To spend your life in pleasure you must produce. My advice to you is to get your production so high you can pay for all your problems. Don’t take your relationship with your spouse for granted, keep producing!

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