Don’t Be Nice, Be Succesful – Harish Rao

Are you successful or are you a nice guy?

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When I ask people around me what their legacy should be, most people give me vague answers about their legacy. Most of the times, people’s legacies are not thought out properly. Instead of their legacy talking about their inner calling/ vision/ passion, the legacy talks about how people want to be perceived by others when they die. Invariably the latter tends to be shallow and without substance. So, I took it upon myself to classify them as “nice guy” legacies/ syndrome.

Why did I do this? I believe that a person with clarity of vision invariably tends to be successful and in turn, wants to leave a worthwhile legacy. Some people may still need help in defining their path. Once the path is defined, they tend to be extremely successful. 

A successful person is a person:

1.That has a vision

2.That follows his/ her dreams 

3.That sets goals

4.That writes down their goals 

5.That visualizes their goals

6.That commits towards achieving their goals

7.That takes action to move in the direction of their vision and goals

8.That knows that the journey is their own. They will be joined by other people from time to time on this journey when the beliefs interconnect. 

You must be wondering why the word “wealth” is not mentioned anywhere until now. I believe that when you work hard on your vision and goals, wealth will automatically follow. 

On the other hand, are you afflicted by the “nice guy syndrome”? Do you want to be a nice guy?  Do you know the roots for the word “nice”?

“Nice” means:

1.Foolish, stupid, senseless from old French 

2.Careless, clumsy, weak, poor, needy, simple, stupid, silly, foolish from Latin. 

So, please think twice before classifying yourself as a nice guy/ girl. Watch it when somebody says that you are a nice person. You rather be known as successful!

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