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You just need a good product, a good service a scalable idea and huge quantities of promotion.  This is where your focus needs to be at and this is what this article is about. Why you do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to advertising and marketing.  If there are fundamentals they will be laid out here.


Remember when Apple released its new phones and changed their ports both on their computer and their devices?  Remember how much of an inconvenience that was for you? It was for me, so many adapters required. Apple changed the game when it came to computing, and phone technology, they got a little lost in reinventing the simplest items.  Which in some ways created more of a problem than what they solved.


The same applies here to your advertising and marketing.  Clients and prospects can have this amazing wonderful idea, that is in itself revolutionary, and they should have this this is why you do what you, however some rocky water can be stirred up from moving into revolutionizing the way everything is done.  The promotion, the website and the interface can be so drastically changed that it creates a problem for someone to use and understand. My purpose here is to move and discuss the ideas that surround revolutionary ideas and implementation.


Keep what is working.

If the industry you find yourself in designs websites, and social promotions a certain way, you have to understand that everyone that is being served these advertisements are more or less familiar with them, they have a feel, a look and certain type of engagement.  You now the business owner are moving into this space and have developed the ultimate product that will change the way your industry acts and responds. You must look into the space you are walking into and ask yourself what can I change in my marketing and my promotion that showcases the immensity of what I have created, but also how does it not go so over everyone’s heads that it requires technical training for 30 hours to understand what it is.  Keep what works in the space and use the communication mediums to tell the story. Use what is in front of you, your Facebook, Youtube, Instagram platforms, etc..they have a familiarity it is a stable piece of information that is relatable. Smashing into the platform with something beyond recognition in your industry is a sure fire way to not get noticed, and even hated. If websites and imagery is familiar, use the same but with your own uniqueness attached to it.  Use what works, never violate what works in advertising and promotion for your own play of grandeur.


Focus on the promotion, not the dramatic shifts.

Dramatic shifts in an industry will happen as a byproduct of heavy promotion.  If you want to be noticed and have your product revolutionize the space you are in, focus on heavy quantities of promotion.  “Frequency and quantity is the gateway to success” as Grant Cardone says. He is right and at 10X Productions this what we are doing, frequent videos, frequent articles frequent promotion.  Blanketing the entirety of the space with your content will lead to the dramatic shift you desire when it comes to wanting to reinvent the wheel in your space. Charge with full force descriptions, videos, facebook ads, instagram ads, everything about your product and service. The focus here in advertising should not be on how can we change the way people see our product and service, the focus should be the frequency to which people see your product and service, that action will achieve the goal of changing the way people view the product and service.  To focus on the need to shift is of course a goal and of course important, the only way that takes place is heavy promotion and heavy frequency.


Simplicity of language.

If I don’t understand something I will rationalize why I don’t like it.  Do not give your customers or prospects to not like you or your work. Very early on in the content I created about a year ago, I spoke about the simplicity of the language you use when describing your services and products.  At 10X Productions we have a client David Karli. This is the coolest Harvard trained PHD regenerative medicine doctor you will meet. No one in his industry is applying and doing the marketing I often talk about. One of the first things David and I did was look at how can we simplify the language in this space, it freaks out the public and it makes it unattainable and un-relatable to have a conversation with someone who is obsessed with big words.  I have spoken to doctors before and I always ask what does that mean. The focus in advertising for a public member of the audience need not be, what were those big words they used? What does that mean? I don’t understand. WARNING, if people say that. You’re ruining your revolutionary idea. Drop the linguistics and use communication that everyday people can understand and identify, this is not a contest of words, it is a content of promotion and being visible.  The objective is visibility as Grant Cardone talks about. How many people saw me today? And on the public side they say, I like this guy, I like his work, I need that product, I need that service when they look at Grant. Why because he’s the everyman, relatable and able to be understood. Keep it simple in the advertising and the website.


Familiar Design is Better than the Outlandish.

I love art always have and I am a real artist.  One of the things I encountered which relates heavily to this article refers back to the good book of Sell or Be Sold.  Grant Cardone often says this book was created to help artists. In many ways it is. Art conveys meaning and some art is so abstract it is hard to understand what it means.  How does this relate to advertising and your business. Well in context of this article if you go way over the edge and push something so abstract and revolutionary you’re confronted with believability.  I had a client once whose service was so revolutionary, all I thought about was how am I going to make people believe this and understand it. In many ways this product was beautiful and simple, but conveying that through marketing was another story. What did me and our team do at 10X Productions do? We made it relatable to whatever existed in the marketplace. Our designs and art were familiar, the story familiar and we saved the revolutionary idea till the moment of direct communication.  It was likened to opening a gift on Christmas Day that you know is there but you do not know what it is and when you get it, wow are you happy you did. Design your imagery, design your ads, and videos with some sense of the familiar. Moving too far outside brings about the chance it will not be recognized, or even seen for that matter. Pushing the boundaries is highly recommended just find the boundary and know how to work it. Art follows suit with this in marketing, the general public have a hard time understanding great works of art, it’s really not because the artist created something that is not capable of being understood and it is not that the general public doesn’t appreciate art, it is the middle ground in between that is lacking.  There is no familiarity on either side, it’s too far one way or the other, circumvent this in marketing with incorporating the familiar while slowing introducing the new.


Comfort vs. Uncomfortable

To elaborate further on this, inside of advertising and promotion we often discuss pain points, buttons whatever you call it, these are emotional stimuli that cause a reaction or restimulation of something in another.  This creates an effect that causes someone to respond. They either respond favorably or they run in the opposite direction. When moving into a space and industry 10X Productions researches the industry and makes the necessary adjustments to blend the comfort and uncomfortable in a message.  Yes, we are interested in reactions, but we are also interested in actions. Did the audience do something, did they submit their information? Was a lead generated, a product sold, a like, a comment what happened? In marketing yes you want to make the comfortable uncomfortable and the uncomfortable comfort at the same time.  It is like being hot and cold at the same time in the middle of Miami in July. You’re really sweating here, the AC is cranking, and you find yourself having chills, but you are hot right? But you’re also cold? Strange, welcome to the world of marketing. It has to be a tolerable engagement in your advertisements. Hit the pain points hard, and hit them again and the solution offers the solace in that you can experience the pain point and the solution at the same time.  Great marketers communicate this simultaneously. And great artists do it better.


My goal in this article was to showcase not only the need to push the boundary in your products and service but also what to focus on when it comes to showing the world what you have to offer.  How to do it effectively and keep it familiar so that when something new comes, its relatable and casted down, uncomfortable but comfortable to perceive. 10X Productions can help you with this and we are interested in your revolutionary ideas and products, in fact we welcome them, lets focus on showing the marketplace that they exist and the dramatic shift you want comes as a by-product.

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