Don’t Criticize My Swag, Find Yours

Successful people carry themselves with two big qualities: confidence and conviction. These are qualities that come to all those who take action instead of thinking, waiting, and wondering.

Self-confidence is the only outfit you can’t buy—you must develop it. I can tell you that successful people may even have a touch of arrogance. This is not a bad thing. Before you start thinking that people who carry themselves with swag are somehow inherently “different,” you should understand they got that way as a result of taking action.

If you want to get more confident and develop your swag, here are 4 ways to help you:

1. Write Your Goals Down Before You Go to Sleep—This is my trick, I write them down in the morning, but I also write them down at night. Before I go to sleep at night, I write down 2 people I could contact that would change my life, and then what my goals are. I’m not talking about what I’m doing during the day like a to-do list, I’m writing my lifetime goals down. If you aren’t doing this, I’m telling you, nobody else can do it for you. I write it down at night because I want to go to sleep with it.

2. Have a “Monthly Goals” Meeting with Your Family—Talk about those things that drive you and excite you. Get your family to share their goals and objectives and see if you can align yourselves together in some way. I hope you do this in business—with your team—and incorporate it at home too. Reviewing your goals together should help make your life better. Again, I’m not talking about things you need to do, but dreams you have. In this meeting remember that no goal is silly.

Encourage others and go for your goals as a family.

3. Focus On the Future Not the Past—The past is for psychos. People that spend all their time speaking about last week, last month, and last year are psychologically imbalanced—and I don’t need a degree to tell you that. If you are stuck in the past you’ve got a psychological deficiency. Where you want your attention is into the future. Your sanity is in the future. The sane person has his or her attention looking forward. Who’s the best driver on the interstate? The guy looking forward, not the guy looking back. I want my attention on the future.

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Don’t let any granola eating new-age gurus tell you to be in the present. I don’t want to be in the present, I want to be in the future. Why? All the greats are into the next play—the next moment—they are into predicting things.

4. Keep Images of What You Want In Your Environment—Surround yourself with the things you want in the future. You don’t need pictures of what you have now. The now is the past now. Literally, the moment you took to read this sentence is already in the past. Motivation isn’t about the trophy you got 3 years ago, but about the trophy you are going to get next. Keep physical images of what it is you want around you. This doesn’t mean your office has a bunch of stuff all over the walls, but it could be on your computer or in your home, maybe in your goals book.

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