Donald Trump’s New Healthcare Law Hurts You

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Last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance that can negatively affect thousands of businesses. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. Jerry Fetta breaks down what this executive order means for your business.


Jerry Fetta is an entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential.


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  • Garry Moss

    Stop whining and don’t be a little bitch

    • TOTALLY agree with you Garry. This offer works to EVERY business’ advantage. I’m always astonished how many business owners there are that have no real clue as to how to make this work for them. The reason is probably because they spend too much time whining, rather than fire their present accountant – who, mot likely is like them and whines most of the time, without telling his clients how amazingly beneficial this is for a business.

  • butchzemar

    this guy is misleading. I wouldn’t classify him as an expert or specialist. Just someone who paid Grant some money to advertising. His product probably doesn’t comply with the ACA.

    • Hey “butchzemer”. I think as someone who isn’t willing to come out with his /her real identity, and make a comment like you, tells me that firstly, you have no clue about business deductibles, or you don’t have a business, or secondly, you have an idiot as an accountant, who himself has no idea about working things in your favor.

      Instead of making a comment like you’re making – a REALLY DUMB ONE – give us a SOLUTION that’ll work for others. IF you have a business, and you have an accountant who is not some guy who does taxes for most “halfwits”, you’d know the benefits you could gain as a business person.

      Chances are that you need to fire your accountant, instead of talking a whole bunch of BS on here. Get EDUCATED before you distroy even your fake identity – AND GET SOME OF GRANT’S COURSES!!! You’ll get to learn something, instead of showing us how uneducated you really are….

      And if you’re offended by my comment, chances are, you probably need to be…

      • butchzemar

        Jurgen, I totally agree with you. Many would think my comments are offensive to some at first. Then we found solutions. I’m glad you asked about solutions. I was thinking the same thing…

        1) Anyone that is not offering an ACA compliant is a ‘buyer beware’ sign. There are ways around it but you are piecing the pie together with multiple products and its really confusing and may end up costing you more in the long run.
        2) The mainstream media is full of crap and cannot be trusted on a complexed topic such as this.
        3) Small business need to be strategic in plan design and administration of the plan to keep cost low and efficiency high to be the employer of choice in your industry.
        4) There is no one size fits all. Every business has different problems to be solved. Price is just one of those problems, but not the only one. The same in selling.
        5) Benefits is very complexed, you should not try to take it on yourself to do.
        6) Solo-shops can possibly take advantage of the tax subsidy. You have to be careful with the wording of the questions you answer for the tax subsidy or it will come back to haunt you.
        7) Look for the authorities in the industries by publications, videos, etc.
        8) Don’t take your next door neighbor’s advice. I’m sure he got it from the bum on the street corner. (humor me and laugh)

        To your comment about being ‘fake’ or hiding, you clearly haven’t taken the time to Google “Butch Zemar”. I have a presence in spaces other than Cardone TV. I was merely commenting. I did not take the time to set up a profile. I wasn’t trying dominating this space. My efforts are to dominate the local sector due to the nature of my business. Omnipresence… Book, articles, news releases, videos, radio, podcasting, etc.

        I appreciate your feedback and maybe one day we will cross paths. I’ll buy the cup of coffee. Cheers my selling compadre.

  • The fundamental problem with this premise is that Trump is doing something wrong (bypassing congress). The reality is that he’s simply undoing what Obama did by executive order (when he actually bypassed the congressional budgeting process). Returning power to congress to determine where funds go isn’t actually bypassing congress. It’s returning to congress its responsibility. If congress decides to fund X (in this case, part of the ACA), then congress decides, not the President. The audible Jerry is referring to is actually the previous President, not the current one.

  • Chris S

    “Last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance that can negatively affect thousands of businesses.”


    So what “negative affect” would you call the pathetic ACA who’s title is an oxymoron in itself…”Affordable”!?!? On top of that the very voters (healthy, young Millennials) that wanted this massive back door TAX on people who actually WORK for a living were the very voters that refused to sign up for ACA – preferring to take the penalty hit.

    But why are we not surprised that the very liberals who voted for this monster of all socialist programs are the same who not only want someone else to pay for it but turned their backs on it the moment they had to answer the call to sign up. PATHETIC.

    The above happend BEFORE Trump came along. True to liberal form, you now want to pick apart an EO by Trump???

    Get a clue. Why do you think Uncle G moved from CA to FL?!?

  • dhomant

    I as a tax payer do not want to pay for other’s peoples health care. So I think Trump did not go far enough. He needs to stop ALL subsidies.

    • Jerry Fetta

      I totally agree. Subsidies come from taxation and taxation is theft. It turns us into a welfare state. However I’d suggest the real issue lies with the insurance companies and the way they bill for services. The whole entire thing is corrupt I think we are on the same page with that.

  • Thanx for sharing… With the co-pay and deductible no longer being subsidised, the company can deduct this as one of their expenses, which will ultimately still be a tax deductible. As an employer or company owner, we have more than 300 tax deductions, compared with only 30 deductions allowed as sole proprietor/emplee/individual. And with your service, you’re offering your clients a PHENOMENAL deal. This is REALLY great, because you’re offering something that’s unique. The Business is able to deduct the additional expenses it may have AND you’re giving a “reinvestment” plan too. This is a NO-BRAINER…