Does The Phone Feel Heavy?

Does your phone ever feel really, really heavy?

Almost like it’s concreted to your desk?

You start the dial the numbers….

Get about four in and then you hit the cancel button?

You begin to regroup and then the little voice chimes in – “I don’t know what to say if someone picks up?”

Even though there’s a script in your hand that you’ve used thousands of times before.

We know that feeling too….

So how do you shift this mindset?

There’s one simple approach we use with all our clients and of course even ourselves at times.

When the phone feels heavy, we look at the call this way.

I’m here to help this person no matter what the outcome is.

Sale or no sale, I’m just looking to genuinely help in any possible way.

This immediately shifts the focus from the fear of rejection (which we all get at times) to a place of service.

When you’re truly coming from a place of service it’s hard to get caught up in the manufactured fear.

Next time you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding a call – try this approach on and see how it goes…

It works for us and guess what?

When we come from a place of service, there’s a deeper connection with the prospect, transparency, trust, the right solution appears and this ultimately this leads to more sales.

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Have an epic day, Aaron Witnish & Jack Murray

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