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Documentation vs. Content Creation – Propaganda Marketing Machine

One of the biggest issues Chris Burfield has seen business owners encounter is not knowing what type of content to create to put out in social media. However, the key is not so much on what content to create but rather just documenting. This is important because your followers get to see the inside of your process and life. Learn more about what Chris Burfield means when he compares documentation v. content creation.

Propaganda Marketing Machine is a weekly show that helps you take control of your financial destiny and gain more freedom in life by helping you develop a successful online marketing and social media marketing strategy.

Propaganda Marketing Machine will help you generate more leads and make more sales in your business. Join Chris Burfield, a leading Facebook Ads Expert as he cuts through the confusing world of online marketing to help you spread your unique message into the world, make your ideas stick, manufacture desire and trust in your market place, and build an insanely loyal tribe of followers!

The ultimate goal of Propaganda Marketing Machine is to help you generate more leads and sell more stuff. Propaganda Marketing Machine combines the paid traffic strategies developed at VanBurf Media with real life agency experience. Learn how to make Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Advertising, SnapChat (and more) work for your business.

Chris Burfield, CEO of VanBurf Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook ad campaigns.

My service: Facebook Marketing, SnapChat Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, & Social Media Marketing.

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