Do You Want to Be the Millionaire Next Door?

There was a best-selling book written a while ago called The Millionaire Next Door. I can tell you the only thing I learned from The Millionaire Next Door was that I didn’t want to be The Millionaire Next Door. I don’t want to slowly and gradually save small amounts of money. I don’t want to hope that, one day, by the time my prostate falls off when I’m 80-years old, if the stock market doesn’t go up in flames, I might scavenge just enough money to never enjoy it. I can skip my $5 Starbucks every day and save $10,000 over the next 5 years, but if you think $10,000 is going to change your life, you’re not just broke, you’re being stupid.

Most people “next door” need to learn how to increase their incomes. Yes, you should spend less than you earn, but if you make $50,000 a year with a couple of kids, what money is there honestly leftover to save? Do the math. There’s nothing to save until you start earning more. Personally, I was never able to increase my income until I started investing in myself. Once I invested in myself and gained some new sales skills, I was able to start selling more and started getting paid more.

To start increasing your income, start investing in yourself.

Start reading and studying people who have what you want to have. Who do you read? Who do you study? You get information from either legitimate or illegitimate sources, and just because someone wrote a book doesn’t mean you need to get their advice. You need to filter where you get your ideas from. Every day you get content from a variety of sources. TV, radio, internet, co-workers—there are 1,000 things that can get in your head from different places.

Don’t read 25 books from 25 different people, that will just make you confused.

Be selective on where you get advice from and read 25 books from one or two people. Go deep before going wide and read everything they have. My rule is never to take advice from a quitter. For example, if someone has quit on relationships, don’t take advice from them on relationships. Your friend may say she’s never dating again and that all men are pigs, but keep in mind she isn’t exactly a perfect kitty cat. I would never take advice from my dad on health because he let himself go in that area and his heart blew up in his chest at 52.

I’ve gone from broke to hecta-millionaire, I’ve created the best online sales training platform in existence, and I’m here to help you get your money right. I’ve got 7 books you can read, and if you don’t like to read I have them available in MP3’s so you can listen. The point is, I’ve got enough content for you to consume that it will take you awhile to go deep with me. Whether it be real estate, motivation, handling objections, closing, or becoming a millionaire, I can help you.

Get started today with my Millionaire Booklet. It only takes 30 minutes to read, but if you pay attention it will change your life forever.

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