Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Mentor to Millions makes its debut on Grant Cardone TV with Kevin Harrington—founder of “As Seen On TV” and contributor to the TV series “Shark Tank” — talking with Grant about mentorship. How do you find a mentor? Kevin suggests to join the chamber of commerce. Join groups or networks where you know people in your space will be.

Always clarify what you want in a mentor. What’s their skill set? Are they a marketing guru or a financial one? Then you must know how to ask them for a mentorship. Everything goes back to pitching. On Shark Tank people get 3 minutes to make their pitch. It has to be short and sweet. Make a list of the power players in your community and then make them an offer—do something for them that will bring THEM value. The mentor needs to know you have the potential to be successful. They aren’t into wasting their time. And remember no mentor is perfect. Your mentor needs a mentor!

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