Follow up is one thing every company I have ever worked with agrees that, “We could do a better job with follow up.” How do you get a customer back into your sales funnel? Don’t feel bad if you aren’t doing an excellent job of follow up because the reality is none of us are taught creative ways to follow up.

Until now.

The one tool that you must use if you want to get serious about follow up is a CRM. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that lets you manage customer interactions and data throughout the customer sales cycle. A CRM tool is necessary. I hate CRM’s almost as much as I hate emails. They are cumbersome and they require data entry. There are lots of good programs out there but don’t ask me what’s a good CRM because they all suck.

Do you know why? Because they are dependent upon your commitment, your due diligence, and your willingness to get the data. Most of them require some sort of customization which means you have to create your own scripts and schedules and most people don’t want to do that. The CRM will not do it for you. It’s not going to come down from heaven and tell you that it’s going to do all of your follow up for you now that you’ve purchased it. It’s only as good as the information you enter.

For CRM to work you have to make a commitment.

You have to record every piece of data into it. That said, you must have one. You need to make a commitment to one, and you need to learn to use it. If you’re not rich, if you don’t have more money coming at you every month than you know what to do with, then make a commitment to a CRM. The information that you collect is money. Who your customer is, their name, where they live, what they wanted, what they looked at, what they asked about, what they said their budget was, their cell, their email, when they called when you called and more. I know it slows you down, it’s hard, I hate entering data, but use it.

If you aren’t organized you won’t follow up.

You’ll sit down at your desk and not know what to do. Make time each day to make follow-up a priority. If you don’t set time for this thing called follow-up you won’t do it. It’s just like working out, just like kids, just like anything. If you don’t take the time you won’t do the activity. So carve out a time each day and see how much follow up you can do in that period.

Compress the time and shorten it to see how much you can get done. Your desk needs to be clean and items need to be easily accessible. The CRM needs to be up and you need to be touching it, accessing it every day. Work that CRM until it’s your friend. If you hate it, it’s not the CRM’s problem, it’s your problem. Make a list of all necessary contacts that you need to make and that you’ve attempted or enter them into the CRM. The beautiful thing about a CRM, over a legal pad that I prefer, is I lose legal pads and I can’t lose my CRM. But you have got to be organized to use it.

Whether it is the personal note, the email, the phone call, no matter what it is you have to be organized. Otherwise, you’ll look a little dumb sometimes calling somebody about the same thing or forgetting what you’ve talked about. Learn to beat that CRM until it starts having babies for you. Following up this way will build your credibility, show and prove your commitment to your product/service and ensure you remain at the forefront of the buyers’ perception.

Don’t ever give up, follow-up on unsold customers! Learn and understand the basics of follow-up and you will become an invaluable asset to the buyer. Learn what follow-up is and why it is vital to your success. I would love to show you what I created so you can know what to do and say on day one, two, three and through a full 365 days of follow up. Get on Cardone University today.

I’m telling you, the money is in the follow up.

Be great,