Do you know the value of Network Marketing?

I have a new interview show that focuses on the rock stars, dominators, and moguls in the Network Marketing arena. The goal of the show is to get you clued in on how to 10X your business, get more of the right people to join your business and to find the hottest MLM prospects you need to dominate your space. I only interview the best of the best in the marketing world to give you tangible lessons you can apply to blow up your own business. Stop making baby money with your network marketing—follow the advice from those who have made big boy money.

Here are some of the network marketing moguls who’ve come on my show and what you can learn from them:

Darin Kidd

This guy has been a mogul in network marketing for over 20 years. He came from a small town in Virginia with 4 stoplights, but at a young age, he always wanted to have more, do more, and be more. Darin failed in network marketing for 7 years until he was 25 years old. He said that associations are like an elevator—they bring you up or they bring you down. Most people look for work, but wealthy people build networks. Darin talked to me about how we are either being leveraged to create wealth (for someone else) or we are using leverage to create wealth (for ourselves).

If you want to make more you have to become more. Why do so many who win the lottery go broke? Because they didn’t become a wealthy through hard work and growth—they got rich overnight. Your income goes back to who you are. Me and Darin make what we are. If you want to make more you have to work on you. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. If you are going to go anywhere you will have to grow somewhere. Darin also gave me the analogy that life is like a dog on the porch lying on a nail. The farmer says, “sir, your dog is lying on a nail,” and the farmer replied, “he’ll move when it hurts bad enough”. You can’t get your friends and family to take action in life until they really want it for themselves.

“You don’t make what you want, you make what you are.” — Darin Kidd

Matt Morris

This guy is an eight-time bestselling author, including his #1 bestseller, The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms! Matt is a serial entrepreneur and has generated over $100 million through his own brands and through leading sales organizations for other companies. He said on Network Marketing Moguls that people will respect you to the degree that you respect yourself.

With over his 20 years in the network marketing industry, Matt Morris has built sales teams of over 500,000 people through a massive commitment to personal development and disciplined work ethic. He believes creating wealth is as simple as providing value in the lives of others.

“It’s not the money that creates significance. It’s the person you have to become in order to be a millionaire that matters.” — Matt Morris

Brian Carruthers

He is the author of 3 books and prior to becoming the pace-setter in his network marketing business, Brian enjoyed a successful career in real estate. Brian says that nobody who lives in the White House can make your economy. Network marketing is a turn-key, proven system to get a side income going. Brian said on my show that your job will never get you where you want to be financially, but don’t quit your job and start from scratch—get involved in a company where you believe in the product that you sell and that you yourself would buy.

How do you pick a company to work with? There are a lot of good companies out there, and Brian reminded my audience to not go chasing two rabbits, or you’ll get neither. Pick one company and excel with it. Getting rich is going to take hard work no matter how you do it.

“Don’t go into network marketing with a lottery mentality” — Brian Carruthers

Ray Higdon

He first got in network marketing back in 2006 and now coaches people in the business. Through massive prospecting, he hit $50,000 a month in network marketing taking the mantra of, “Go for no”. It’s the idea that you should make it a rule to get 20 people to say no to you before you can hit the pillow each night. It’s a numbers game so don’t get emotional over rejection. The number of eye balls you get on the product will dictate the velocity you will do.

Ray told me, network marketing is a shortcut to creating residual income that is better than any other method. But that doesn’t mean it will happen overnight or even quickly. You can create residual income with very limited resources over time. Ray invested $300 and had that initial investment back after the first week, but common mistakes people make are not treating it as a long-term process. Ray was able to build it to $50K a month through hard work. Spend more time prospecting than studying.

“I can show you how to become successful, but I can’t show you how to want to be successful.” — Ray Higdon

Carrie Dickie

How do you become a 1%er? Everybody’s target is to make a million, but most don’t treat their business like a multi-million-dollar business. Carrie says that it’s about belief—you must believe you can become a million-dollar earner. Single moms can do it. Carrie didn’t think she was a leader and didn’t have a high sense of self but she faked it until she made it. Carrie worked hard, dug deep, and became somebody in her own mind. She didn’t just add—she multiplied.

“People overestimate what can happen in 1 or 2 years but underestimate what can happen in 3-5 years.” — Carrie Dickie

Cedrick Harris

He is an internet marketing coach, networker, author, and speaker. Cedrick Harris earns over a million dollars a year and has been involved with companies such as ViSalus, Excel, and Jeunesse. Cedrick talked to me about the best things about being involved with network marketing including the relationship equity he’s built and the personal development that comes with who you become along the way. His biggest regret is not going harder and faster from the get-go.

He knows it takes time to build residual income and one must be patient and not have a microwave mentality. Give things at least 12-18 months. Be the tortoise and the hare—persistently running fast. 80% of people want to make $10k a month, and when people start making 10K, they put it in cruise control. Then in 90 days it starts dropping off because what you do today will effect you in 90 days. Always keep pushing! You must find the right people to work with and believe in the product. Do something every day and understand compounding. Attend events and have daily discipline. Cedrick is always sharpening his knife, are you?

“You don’t join a company… you join people.” — Cedrick Harris

Alexis Romano

She will do 2 million in sales this year but she started out in education, doing everything from tutoring to waitressing to cleaning beach houses and apartments, selling her time to make a little money. She was always wealth motivated and knew how to work hard, and she told me that the biggest keys to her success after getting to network marketing has been her traits of being persistent, relentless, structured, and disciplined

You must get organized. Control = income. Her first year she did $7,000. She’s gone from $7K a year to $7K a day. She explains that the more people she talked to the more she could make and so there was always that hustle because there’s always more potential. Her biggest mistake was working with people who weren’t worth her time. Let go of those people. Time is the only thing you can’t get back. Hustle was key for her every day.

“You can’t live in chaos and expect to build a successful business.” — Alexis Romano

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