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Digital marketing earns you customers and money. It’s pretty straight-forward. If you invest in good strategy and keep at it, then you will see returns.


Hiring a digital marketing agency, like ours, is a great way to make sure your strategy and efforts pay off. That is what these agencies do. They are the experts.


But you might not be ready for that yet. Or you might not have the funds for a full campaign. Either way, we decided to break it down and give you some quick DIY tips to get you started.


Advertising on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can get you a ton of new prospects. It only costs a few dollars and you can increase your reach by hundreds or even thousands of people.


Just make sure that the stuff you are posting or boosting is eye-catching and has a convincing message. You also want to make sure your social media profiles look great, since the idea is to get people to check out your profiles. Make sure you have pictures, links, articles, and clear information about your company and what it offers. That way, when people visit your page, they’ll know who you are and be interested in learning more or contacting you.

You have the power over what your website says. If you want people to find your website when they search for it, then you should think about what people are searching for.


If you are a software engineering agency, then people might be searching for “software company” “build a website” “develop a website” “programmers”. That means that these keywords should be included in the written text of your website. Incorporate these keywords naturally, but often enough to make it clear that this is what you do. This way your website will show up when people search for these terms.

The great thing about the written word is that anyone can do it. Of course, digital marketing agencies will have invested in quality copywriters, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up, just because you aren’t ready for an agency yet.


Write articles about your services, about common questions you’ve received, about advancements and innovations in the industry, and about advice and tips you have for your potential customers. Include keywords, like I explained above, and it will help your search engine ranking as well.


If you’re looking for an agency that takes it off your hands and does it all for you? We’d love to help. You can find us, Pixel506, on Facebook (pixel506), Twitter (pixel506), and Instagram (pixel506official). Find more info on how we can help you on our website,


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