Eat hamburgers and tacos every day and you’ll feel lethargic, tired, possibly depressed, irritated, and unfocused. You have a high-performance machine. Consider that this machine is priceless to reproduce, this machine is capable of incredible things and going to incredible places, and this machine has the ability to change the world. What fuel would you give this machine?

You are the machine.

You know you are capable of doing way more than you are doing right now. One way to reach your potential is to watch what you eat. I watch what I eat—but not as a way to deprive myself. I’ve never been on a diet. I treat myself in a way that promotes me feeling good, feeling motivated, and to feeling successful. Production makes me feel good. Production makes all people feel good. Creative clear thinking makes me feel good. When I’m focused I feel good. When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel good.

When I was 26, I was in pretty good physical shape. Every day at work at 1 PM I crashed. I went to a doctor and asked what was wrong. They start probing and asking questions—but they don’t know what’s wrong with anybody. The truth is nothing is wrong with anybody except their attitude and maybe what they eat. The fuel you put in your body and the information you put in your mind is what’s wrong. Every day I was wiped out by 1:15 in the afternoon. The reason was because at noon I would be inhaling a reuben sandwich. The reuben wiped me out.

How do you feel after a big Thanksgiving turkey? Does it feel good to sit on the couch, undo your belt, and go into a coma? That doesn’t feel good.You ate so much you can’t move. Did you know that digestion takes more energy than any other activity involved in your body? The denser the food, the more energy it takes. High grease, high preservative with lots of additives take a lot of time to digest. Foods that have been dead long periods of time, foods that have been manufactured, and fast foods take a lot of time to digest and a lot of energy.

Mom told you “finish your plate”. Look, you need to stop finishing the plate. I never finish all the food on my plate. I stop when I’m full. Have you ever met a motivational speaker who was overweight? I doubt it. And if they are overweight they won’t be motivating people very long—because they won’t feel motivated. I eat smaller meals frequently. I don’t eat 3 times a day—I eat 5 times. If you eat 3 times you become starved between meals. Quit starving yourself—eat when you need to eat. Surround yourself with good foods.

Let me tell you what my diet is. I eat anything I want. I’ve got licorice in my house. I’ll snack on it but I’m not going to eat 3 pounds of it. In my fridge you’ll see cantaloupe and watermelon already cut up so it’s easy for me to get to. You’ll see a big salad and every organic green you can put in it. I’m loaded up with vegetables. I eat lots of organic proteins. I don’t go to McDonalds. Plus I drink lots of water.

Did you know that diet coke will actually melt down a ribeye steak in 3 days? So what does it do to you? I might have a sip of diet coke now and then but I don’t chug 2 or 3 cans down. I load up with water. This is what I do in the morning: I exercise and have a protein for breakfast, I drink water throughout the day and have a small snack maybe around 10 AM. At noon I’ll have another protein and salad. At 3 PM I’ll load up with fruits to get my energy up and a natural sugar in my system. At 5 PM I’ll have another protein—maybe a fish and a salad. I never eat dinner after 8 PM. I avoid pastas, bread, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

Foods today are different than they were 60 or 70 years ago folks. Get the best foods you can. Without fuel you’ll be without energy. The better you fuel the better you’ll feel. The better you feel the more you’ll produce. And the more you produce the better you’ll feel. Start eating right, feeling better, and get on Cardone University. If food is fuel to your body, Cardone U is fuel for your bank account.

Be great,