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The death of the desk phone started with the sunset of the landline from American homes. According to Pew research, 77% of Americans own smartphones and 92% of 18- to 29-year-olds say they own a smartphone, compared with 42% of those who are ages 65 and older. This explains the huge increase in smartphone use in today, which has also made a direct impact on business communications.

Smartphones are convenient, efficient, and they are becoming affordable as businesses are also choosing to move away from a desk phone to a smartphone. The biggest leverage in this shift is the functionality, accessibility, and affordability of a smartphone. The smartphone has replaced the digital camera, calculator, planner, etc. Desk phones are being used less in many modern businesses. Every day, a new-generation of businesses are emerging with zero dependence on desk phones and are dominating older businesses that are stuck with the legacy way of doing business using a desk phone.


Compared to smartphones, desk phones are a single function gadget that is holding a considerable desk space and it is costly to install and maintain. Most telephone companies often charge businesses when they install new phone lines or they force businesses to sign up for unreasonable long-term contracts or bundles, which poses a considerable capital expense for a business, especially on a startup.

The way we communicate and do business is also changing. The growth of a successful business depends on mainly how it responds to a rapidly changing market.  Businesses are moving towards cost effective and multi-function solutions to stay relevant and competitive. Now you can click and install your business phone yourself.

Bullfrog is one of the industry leaders of this movement. Bullfrog’s UC-One collaboration tool will give you advanced features that allow you to use your smartphone or your computer from anywhere in the world. Features like instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, audio conferencing, voicemail to email are not what your typical desk is able to provide, therefore more businesses are cutting the cord every day.

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