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How to Deal with Losses

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Marriage is tough, but you have to stay with it. You have to know how to get through the problems, the situations and the challenges. We were asked to bring a variation of The G&E Show to WIOD. A couple weeks ago they said they want Grant on a business show in the morning, but not Elena. Grant was faced with telling her that WIOD didn’t want her. She handled it extremely well.

Handling Losses:
1. Confront the worst part.
2. Feel what you feel.
3. Stay focused on the future.
4. Enjoy the life you have while you have it.

“How many losses do you think you’re going to have in your marriage, your career and your lifetime?” – Grant Cardone

Minimize the losses. Focus on the gains.

Elena notes to Grant that, “It’s not me versus you. When you win, I win. When I win, you win.” Have you had the conversation with your spouse, your parents, your friends and discuss how to prepare and handle losses?

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