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Deal with Life Head On – Grant Rant

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Hey Grant Cardone here your best friend in sales and in business you know people say the dumbest things, it could be your family, it could be your wife, it could be your husband, a mom, a dad an aunt, an uncle it could be your kids coming from school. People say what they think. And what they think will be what they say and what they say and think often enough, long enough, reinforced enough will be what they do. So look at toms of the dumb things people say, like this time heals all things. Really if you had a splinter and you don’t pull that splinter out you don’t look at it confront it, and say I got to pull that little bugger out you might get used to it if you leave there, 30 years goes by and you still have a splinter in your foot. Who knows maybe that splinter gets into your bloodstream spikes your heart and kills you. You know what heals all things, taking a look at it, dealing with it, hey what happened to me, how did I screw up here what pain or what hurt happened to me that I had a loss. I see people going through life with all these losses unwilling to look at them until they are old and crippled up looking older. Because they believe that time heals, look time heals when you look at it, when you confront it when you pull the splinter out and take responsibility for it. Don’t believe everything you believe cause some of the ideas you got they just dumb dumb things cause you to do dumb things.