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Dave Lindahl & Grant Cardone

In this Show

David Lindahl is considered the Nation’s Leading Expert in Buying and Selling Multi-Family Properties. Grant himself has dubbed him a King in the Real Estate World.

He has written with Donald Trump, was invited to an event in Utah from the Secretary of the Treasury to figure out how to get out of the real estate “train wreck” of 2009, and currently owns over 8,000 units around the US,

He is a wildly successful small business owner working in multiple markets and sectors, admitting his biggest mistake in real estate was, “going to big on properties too fast,” which he learned in 2006.

Mr. Lindahl says, “Everything is about the team.”

From the age of 16 to 24 he was the lead vocalist in a rock band called Flesh Picnic, but soon realized he couldn’t maintain that for the rest of his life.

“The definition of an entrepreneur: You jump off the cliff and think you can build a plane on your way down.” – David Lindahl

Confession: He had a property valued at $200k that he knew was worth $300k. He took advice from some people he trusted and his mentor, who said not to buy. A year and a half later that property sold for $600k.

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Grant Cardone interviews CEOs, best selling authors, motivators, entrepreneurs, marketers, real estate moguls, and others who are making the big moves and the big plays in their industries.

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