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The Danger of “Not Knowing”

By Jovan Banks


When you don’t receive the right information, your brain will try to find something right!


In my sales career, I’ve had many managers tell me to do things a certain way and I did. Before Sales, my employer told me what to do and I did. Teachers, parents, friends, family, all told me what to do and I did. Only because I thought their point of view was right.


Becoming an adult, I only knew what I thought was right based on what everyone told me in my life until I realized the things that other people had I was attracted to, the people that I was listening to didn’t. These were successful people that seem to be enjoying their life, going places with their family and friends, and I was living the way everyone told me to do.


Continuing to hear what others suggested, I realized and told myself “This can’t be the way people live life” If everyone is living the same way, complaining about the same thing and are all wishing for things they didn’t have, I knew I had to start thinking a different way or else my life would be like this too. My surroundings got so bad that when everyone started complaining about Monday I started complaining about Monday. Everyone is happy about Friday, me too! We all go out on the weekend and have the greatest time and by Tuesday, we’re holding on to whatever we have to get us to next payday. Someone told me “This” was right and I believed it.


If you’re reading this and this is you, like my mentor Grant Cardone said when I discovered him “It’s not your fault.” The reason why people talk bad about successful people is that they don’t know about success. Same reason for people living paycheck-to-paycheck, they only know how to add an extra day or stay late to get a little more than what they are guaranteed and then they get mad about the extra taxes that come out of it. They are convinced I’m stuck here and that’s what happens until a company shuts down leaving people that have been there for 20 years or more looking for a job they thought they would retire from.


“If you don’t know, you will have none!”


I’m now with a company called Global Affiliate Marketing Pros that helps people receive the knowledge that is highly needed, to be successful in a business. Not knowing will be the reason a company goes out of business. Not knowing is expensive for investors. Not knowing will push you in a small area of your life where you feel safe knowing what all could happen. Unfortunately, you are paralyzed by the lack of information needed, and justified by people in a familiar area as you. And if that’s what the majority of people are doing, a small shift in the economy can cause chaos and it’s happened before. Don’t wait for it to be you!


In order to be successful and avoid these terrible devastations, let me, Dane Lomax and the rest of our supporters from GAMP, Robert Syslo Jr., Grant Cardone and other winners on the team give you what you need to know and free your mind from the world you believe is right.


There’s a better way to live, you just don’t know about it yet, so join us now to witness it yourself. We will be here for you when you do.


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