The Cost of Relocating Your Business

Relocating your business can be an absolute nightmare! It takes weeks of planning, coordination, and research. Unfortunately, the price of moving is death for many businesses.

Also, relocation usually means unnecessary downtime for businesses. The length of this downtime depends on how long it takes to move and configure your network hardware. This is exactly why all businesses should always have a contingency plan regarding relocation. This means that they prioritize business continuity and disaster recovery response.

This contingency plan makes sure that there is no service disruption for customers, and that the relocation is as painless as possible for employees.

One of the critical tools that businesses often rely on during relocation is their business phone system. Transferring phone service from one office location to another can be overwhelming. Outdated business phone systems are tied to the traditional phone providers.  These service providers may take several weeks to transfer your service to a new location. In a worst-case scenario, your phone provider does not offer service to your new location.  This will force you to shop for a new provider.  It will also force you to purchase new equipment, and require you to use precious time and resources training employees on the new system.

Fortunately, business phones have come a long way. The new generation of Unified Communications provides you with reliable business phone services on any platform freeing your business to move and expand without missing a single call.

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