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Why is everyone else always so much better than you?

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Well, in reality this is all in your head. I will tell you why you need to change your mindset of comparing yourself to others because that won’t get you success!

Here are 5 reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others.

  1. Your competition is with yourself. If you are trying to reach your full potential there is no reason why you should compare yourself to what others do. In the end you are putting the focus on the wrong person! Focus on yourself and what you want to become in life, set your goals, and work on yourself. You will notice that nobody will be able to keep up with you.
  2. You won’t pursue your dreams. In the end, comparing yourself to others will not add any value or meaning to your life. It will only distract you from working towards your goals and dreams.
  3. Too much focus on your weaknesses and not your strengths. What makes you special and unique? What can you do better than others? You have your own set of unique talents, culture, knowledge and strengths that others admire in you. When you focus on this, you will create a positive environment to grow and learn and you will get ahead of everyone!
  4. You should lead, not follow. They say only dead fishes go with the stream. When you compare yourself to others this is exactly what you do! Don’t follow in somebody else’s footsteps when you should actually create a path on your own. In the end you will have lived someone else’s life. So, be daring and lead the way to a new future!
  5. Will not energize you. In the end, comparing yourself to other is a losing game. There will always be people that achieve more that you. However, see this as a learning curve. Always surround yourself with others that are smarter than you and that will help you grow and learn.

THIS will energize you and make you strive to become better.

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