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*This is a solicitation of an indication of interest. No solicitation or acceptance of money or other consideration, nor of any commitment, binding or otherwise, from any person is permitted until qualification of the offering statement.

Commit First and Figure It Out Later

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Commit First, Figure the Rest Out Later – The G & E Show: If you could figure everything out at the beginning that would be great, but it’s not always possible. To have a baby, you commit—you can’t figure it all out first. Many times in life you have to figure things out later, the main thing is you have to commit now.

People who want to go to 10X GrowthCon can’t be worrying about the hotel/airfare and stuff yet, they just need to commit and get their ticket. You want to get rich? Commit, then you’ll figure it out. If you are approached about doing an interview, before you ever find out what the topics are on, commit to doing the interview.

1. Commit to every opportunity you are given.

2. Then show up and figure it out.

You’ll quickly begin to see the majority of people who complain about things being bad never show up.