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Coach Micheal Burt, Author of Person Of Interest and Zebras and Cheetahs. In this episode of Power Players, Grant Cardone sits down for a riveting one-on-one discussion with Coach Micheal Burt. The self-titled “coachepreneur” delivers a fascinating, fast past paced interview explaining, why you must strive to become a Person of Interest. Coach Micheal Burt, a former championship coach helps people and companies WIN championships of their own. Watch Coach Burt get fired up and passionate about the difference between confidence, boldness and arrogance where he offers this gem “insecure people find confident people arrogant.” From hip hop artists to celebrities Grant offers examples of people at the top of their game who are perceived as arrogant. Tune in and learn what key characteristics create a Person of Interest and why becoming one puts you in a powerful position to attract business as opposed to chasing it. You’ll understand how to become a buyer not a seller so you can determine whom you want to do business with. When you become a Person of Interest you become an in demand power player and the person others want to be around. Coach Burt and Grant show you how.

  • Warren Cassell Jr.


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      thanks for all you do

  • 32:00 in is GOLD. Protect your confidence like your life depends on it. Great show, Coach Burt is great.

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      yeah buddy

  • Jeremy Clay

    loved it, cant wait to see more episodes.

    • Grant Cardone

      you will have more coming everyday…

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    Amazing interview, enjoyed every second of it.

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    Couple of sharp Power Players right there! ! Cant wait for more. Good Interview Grant!

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      come on man —- come back down to Miami I will interview MB

  • Jim Lewis

    Absolutely riveting interview, fast paced, yet GC slows it down at the right places to drive home the most important points.

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  • Two of my favorite guys! Great interview! Can’t wait to see you both in October! Looking forward to the cruise Coach B! For everyone else…. FOLLOW ME @DealerCapital

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      thanks for watching CW

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    i need these 2 guys to work alongside me – i am the best video producer and digital motorbike magazine producer in the WORLD 🙂

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      lets do it…

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    Great show, valuable content, amazing Players, thank you!

  • Got the book! excited to read it!

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      great let me know how you like it.

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    It is Amazing how you get all these big hitters together Grant Awesome show .