Chris Rood - Why become a 10X Growth Con Platinum Sponsor?
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Chris Rood – Why become a 10X Growth Con Platinum Sponsor?

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Why is Chris Rood a 10X Growth Con Platinum Sponsor? He chose to go to the 10x Growth Con last year and following Grant Cardone. That is when he felt that his big thinking was validated. That is when he decided to book a high-end ticket for the event. Not only that, but become a Platinum sponsor for this year. The reason why he is doing that is to help people achieve the same type of success that he has through real estate, particularly in wholesaling.

Chris Rood is a Creative Real Estate Investor. Over the last couple years he has been teaching people the secrets to totally crush the real estate market in their area using a combination of guerrilla marketing and creative strategies few others are aware of.

When he first started out in business, he was running an oil changing service that had started in his car. Chris grew that to three of the largest shops in his area over the next decade. However, he realized he had no time to do what he wanted. Chris was working 90+ hours a week.

During his time running this business, Chris discovered real estate, specifically wholesaling. That was when everything changed. He was able to earn more in significant less time… and without all the hassles of employees.

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