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Grant Cardone and Charles Koppelman

In this Show

Power Players is a show all about people who make waves in the entrepreneurial and business world. People gracious enough to share their story, their wisdom and their tips on how others can turn their dreams into a reality. Today Grant is speaking with the legendary Charles Koppelman. A dominator in the musician and celebrity landscape who has built up the careers of people like Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Streisand, and Frank Sinatra to name a few.

His childhood, spent in the suburbs of New York wasn’t filled with music or instruments; it was focused on basketball and baseball.

His neighbor happened to be the editor of Cashbox Magazine, which was the bible of the music business. He would see the magazines when visiting his house and looked at them because of the pictures of famous people inside; he didn’t pay much mind to it then.

When he was a teenager two of his close friends were musicians and they wanted to set up a trio. Charles had no musical talent and didn’t know how to play an instrument, but he made the commitment to join the trio because being in a band was a great way to meet girls.

He knew of 10 different record companies within a 3-block area of New York from looking in Cashbox Magazine. He convinced his friends to go up to that area of Manhattan to pitch their trio. They got signed by Shell Records after doing a demo and returned back to their normal lives. A few weeks later they heard back from some producers from the record label.

His net worth is now over 300-million dollars, but Mr. Koppelman humbly points out that is an old report.

Listen or watch the rest of the episode to hear of Charles’ amazing story of success.

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