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“Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential.
Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.
We live on an economic planet and time and money do need to be exchanged. But it doesn’t need to be your time or your money.
Jerry teaches his clients to secure income producing assets that make the time and money exchange for you so you can buy your freedom back and live a life of abundance and prosperity.
To get there we must know how to make money, how to keep it, and how to multiply it.
Jerry provides coaching, education, accountability, and community to help you build wealth.
Join the Wealth DynamX coaching program, get educated on Wealth DynamX University, and begin networking with the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Group today.
To get started, go to www.WealthDynamX.com “
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How To Achieve Life Balance – Jerry Fetta

How To Gain Life Balance By Jerry Fetta   Balance is a topic sought after by most in life. It seems attractive and it does make logical sense as to why it is attractive. Balance – a state of equilibrium. Equilibrium means “a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing […]

Be Accountable and Always Push Through- Jerry Fetta

Investing For Passive Income By Jerry Fetta   Investing is a hot topic right now, which makes total sense. With e-commerce, forex traders, crypto-currency, and home-based businesses being all the roar many people are looking for activities that provide a high return on the money with a low return on time. I want to discuss […]

Can You Be Helped Financially?- Jerry Fetta

Can You Be Helped Financially? By: Jerry Fetta Finances are one of the main areas that Americans struggle with. It is a national problem, with financial literacy at an all-time low, debt rising, and less and less American saving money. Right now the median household wage in America is $59,055. That is less than $5,000/mo […]

The Importance of Financial Literacy- Jerry Fetta

Without financial literacy, a person cannot truly achieve their goals. Why? Because money is required for virtually everything. Most people do not truly understand what money is, they do not know how to earn more of it, they don’t know how to keep it, and they don’t know how to multiply it. Because of this, […]

How to Build A Schedule- Jerry Fetta

I help my clients treat money like oxygen so that they can eradicate poverty in their lives and own their potential. I believe we were not created to spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 years to life sentence, trading our precious time for money just to “be happy” living in fear and mediocrity. […]

How To Find the Perfect Job or Career- Jerry Fetta

What should you look for in the perfect career? 70% of all employees surveyed are disengaged in the workplace. 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The correlation? If a job can not help you achieve purpose, wealth, and freedom it is not the right job. Watch more to learn how to secure the perfect […]

How to Grow Your Thinking – Jerry Fetta

How To Grow Your Thinking By: Jerry Fetta We all have moments where we have the right mindset and moments when we have small thinking. I’ve been through it too many times to count. One moment you’re feeling great and winning and the next moment you’re in doubt or confusion. Regardless of the person, this […]

401K Contribution Limits Raised for 2019- Jerry Fetta

Should You Contribute More To Your 401k? By Jerry Fetta This week it was announced that 2019 401k and IRA contributions would be raised. This is typical to have happened every few years. 401k contributions were raised from $18,500 per year per person to $19,000. IRA’s remain the same. Maximum annual contribution for a defined […]

The Problem with Being Serious- Jerry Fetta

Growing up I remember being criticized for not being serious enough. I was a goofball. My dream was to be a comedian. As a business owner, I’ve learned that I was right as a kid. Being serious does not equate to success. It equates to exhaustion. The less serious you can be while still working […]

What Does “No White Space” mean- Jerry Fetta

If you’re a Grant Cardone fan, you’ve probably heard the term “no white space”. However, if you’re like me, you may not know what that means when you first hear it. It doesn’t mean “really busy”. It literally means there is not any more available space on your calendar. No whitespace = wealth. Learn more: […]

Should You Rent or Should You Own? – Jerry Fetta

The age old question. Should you own your car or should you lease your car? Should you own a home? Should you rent? There are many opinions on these two topics and the reality is, almost nobody agrees on them. Today I want to use cars and homes as examples of when you should own […]

How to Make Your First Investment- Jerry Fetta

I talk to many clients who are about to become first-time investors. There is much discussion on what a good first-time investment should be. I hear everything from tax liens, foreclosures, government subsidized 4 plex’s, turnkey single-family homes, and wholesaling. The truth is that there are a lot of options out there that a person […]

The Importance of Variety- Jerry Fetta

Wealth DynamX helps you make money, keep the money, and multiply money. We believe you were not created to serve the 40 years to life sentence trading your time for money 40 or more hours per week just to live in fear and mediocrity. The reality is that time and money do need to be […]

Selling = Wealth – Jerry Fetta

So many times I see people that have a complete disconnect between their goals to be wealthy and the necessity of knowing how to sell. People talk to me all the time about how they want to be wealthy and financially independent and then I bring up sales and immediately they are turned off. “I’m […]

Wealth Is An All Or Nothing Game- Jerry Fetta

I help my clients build wealth so they eliminate poverty in their own lives and own their potential. In doing so I come across people with all sorts of great and unique goals and dreams. https://wealthdynamx.com/wealth-is-an… Learn more: https://www.wealthdynamx.com/potential/ Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. […]

Why “Knowing” How To Create Wealth Is The Reason You Aren’t Wealthy – Jerry Fetta

I want to share with you today that what you “know” is most likely preventing you from actually creating wealth so that you can stop knowing and start doing. https://wealthdynamx.com/why-knowing-… Learn more: https://www.wealthdynamx.com/potential/ Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his […]

How To Quadruple Your Bank Account – Jerry Fetta

How does a “20 something” year old manage to have more money in his bank account than most retirees have in their life savings? I want to share with you how I can guarantee a increased savings rate for my clients so that you actually have a shot at building wealth. Learn more: https://www.wealthdynamx.com/potential/ (Visited […]

What does Wealth DynamX do?- Jerry Fetta

That’s a great question! I had two clients tell me they signed up, but they aren’t really sure what we do. They signed up because we give our clients free access to Cardone University and they really were buying to get access to that feature. I can’t blame them! Cardone University is a amazing program […]

Why You Want Wealth Creation Coaching – Jerry Fetta

“After coaching with Jerry for only 2 minutes, I followed exactly what he told me to do and I closed my biggest deal ever.” This is a success story submitted by a client of mine yesterday. You may be asking, “what does this have to do with building wealth?” That’s a valid question. I help […]

How to Increase Your Income by 31.25% – Jerry Fetta

Wealth is an abundance of all areas in our lives. I believe there are 8 key areas in a person’s life and that wealth represents having prosperity in each individual area and in all areas collectively. This will take a lot of things and one of them is money! That is why giving people control […]

How to Quadruple Your Rate of Return- Jerry Fetta

Creating wealth allows you to stop trading your life away for money and do the things that matter. That’s really as simple as it gets. Making your money multiply at a higher rate will help you get there faster. I’ve helped countless clients do exactly this. Learn more: https://www.wealthdynamx.com/potential/ (Visited 4 times, 1 visits today)

How to Get Easy Passive Income- Jerry Fetta

Passive income has been a buzzword since the late 1990’s. Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of the first books to really put the discussion on the map for the majority of Americans. I helped a client take a $30,000 IRA and turn it into $250/mo of passive income. It took me years to learn […]

Mind Over Money- Jerry Fetta

I had a client say to me the other day “my biggest win is realizing that I do not have to win the lottery or create a new invention to build wealth.” I didn’t think much of it, but for some reason it stuck with me. I later realized that this was the same exact […]

How to Control Your Money- Jerry Fetta

Control at it’s etymology means “against the wheel”. Think about controlling a vehicle. Your exerting your force against the wheel because the wheel wants to go in its own direction. This needs to be our mentality with money. Your money wants to go where it wants to go and you need to exert your own […]

You Need A Wealth Strategy- Jerry Fetta

I teach people how to build wealth so that they can own their potential. I have a mentor, named Grant Cardone, who told me I had a unique potential inside me at a time in my life when nobody else had ever shown that to me. Since then, I have been obsessed with pursuing my […]