Star Power

In a world where Ideas are the only Currency – how do you get your ideas out there? You need Star Power.

Hank Norman has been producing TV shows and training top talent his entire career.

You want to know how to make it? Then you have to make it big. Use your personality and become a personality.

On every show Hank will get the scoop from industries insiders in order to teach YOU how to be a Star. What it takes. How it works. To get famous and to get paid.

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Create What You Want

Hank interviews his long-time friend Mel Robbins about how she moved up through the ranks to success. Watch as they reminisce about how they got started in media together, discuss Mel’s superpower, and give you the tips you need to make a lasting mark in the media. (Visited 309 times, 1 visits today)

When Harry Met Hank

: In this episode of Star Power, Hank interviews Dr. Harry Fisch — a world renowned Urologist, radio show host and media personality — about his achievements and journey to success. While Harry cracks jokes with his longtime friend, he fills you in on how having fun and doing what makes you happy will turn […]

The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Honesty is Charles Koppelman’s number 1 policy. In this episode of Star Power, Hank interviews the legendary music producer about how he got started and learns his tips for entertainers today. See the iconic musical performers Charles has worked with and discovered as Hank takes you on an all-access tour of Koppelman’s office. (Visited 219 […]

Risk is Attractive

Being vulnerable on camera is one of the hardest things to do. In this episode Hank Norman tells you why you need to take that risk and share your story. He also interviews Jenny Hutt, a Sirius XM radio host and Internet & TV Personality, about her success and what she thinks it takes to […]

Performance is the Key

“This show is going to make you famous.” Hank Norman, TV producer and talent coach, is handing you the guidebook on how to become a star. Learn how to deliver under pressure and handle anything that comes your way. In this episode, Hank walks onto the set of ABC’s The Chew and interviews the executive […]