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Get the right tools, mindset, and skill set to become a real estate investor, real estate wholesaler, investor, and entrepreneur. Every week Chris Rood will take you into the hustle of personal development and what it takes to build yourself and develop yourself and your business.

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Chris Rood – Why You Should Get Into Real Estate

How did Chris Rood start his Real Estate business? Most of the wealthy people around the world have gotten rich through real estate. Once you get into real estate wholesaling you are no longer trading your time for money, you start trading value. In this special video Chris shows you how to wholesale real estate quickly and […]

Chris Rood – Get a Billionaire Mindset

The 10x Growth Con will completely shift your mind and make you realize that being a Millionaire is not enough, you need to have a Billionaire mindset. First, you must surround yourself with the right people, connect yourself to power, and find people that are already where you want to be. Follow people that are […]

Chris Rood – 10X Growth Con Platinum Sponsor

Meet Chris Rood, 10X Growth Con Platinum Sponsor – Always invest in yourself first. Chris offers a number of products & programs designed to help his students get rapid and long lasting results in the creative real estate markets. He offers an industry leading course called “Hustle Wholesaling” that dives deep into the wholesaling world and […]

How Chris Rood Became the Nations #1 Wholesaler

So, I’m here today and I understand that having a marketing plan that scales with the investors cash-flow is paramount to their success. I understand this problem very well and I wanted to do my best to help you be able to go from 0 to closed deals and scaling as quickly as possible. I’ve shot a […]

Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate Chris Rood

I can teach a monkey how to Wholesale Real Estate it ain’t rocket science. What’s tough in this business is the skills that you need! You need skills! Skills Get The Deals! You need to know how to communicate with people, how to negotiate, you need Rapport building skills…. know how to connect with people! […]

Real Estate Wholesaling Chris Rood

Wholesaling Real Estate makes you become the SOURCE OF THE DEAL! Meaning you are the starting point of where a deal starts so you capture the most equity and value. It also trains your mind on how to see, recognize, and pinpoint what a good deal looks like. Wholesaling helps you get the best deals! […]

What is the Truth About Home Sales?

It’s not always about selling the homeowner on why they should sell you their house, but it’s also very important on how to sell the investor that’s buying your deal on why they should buy your deal by KNOWING the features, benefits, and advantages of the property. http://Chrisrood.com

How to Find Success in Real Estate

Chris Rood is the CEO of Hustle Wholesaling and in this 45 minute interview he drops golden ideas, suggestions, and tips for you to be able to build a thriving and successful business inside of the wholesaling industry.  For the last few years Chris has been able to amass a multi million dollar business within […]

How to do a $80K to $100K House Flip

Watch as expert Chris Rood talks flips in Baton Rouge, LA.  Chris has amassed a multimillion dollar business for him and his family and now offers training to get you moving on building up capital in wholesale real estate to invest in big deals with Grant Cardone’s Cardone Capital. Learn more at http://chrisrood.com

How to Advertise Real Estate

Chris Rood is the expert when it comes to wholesale contracts on real estate.  If a home is in bankruptcy, foreclosure, or the owner needs to get out the house fast Chris Rood is the man who can help.  With his training he has helped others make millions in the real estate wholesaling game.  Learn […]

How to Protect Your Business

Chris Rood expert in real estate wholesaling talks about how to watch who you partner with, what to know about them and ultimately learn exactly how to protect your business.  He has mad ethe mistakes and wants to share with you how you can protect yourself in the future.   Learn more at http://chrisrood.com

Why You Need a Mentor

Chris Rood talks on the importance of mentors, why it makes a difference, how to find one and how to grow your own name and business using a solid mentor.  If you feel lost take a look at what Chris Rood has done to build his business using mentors. Learn more here at http://chrisrood.com

Be a Problem Solver

In this business you are going to be solving problems all the time because your dealing with people who are distressed and have tons of problems so think outside the box and solve problems. Chris Rood is an expert in real estate Wholesaling and contract flipping to learn more visit http://chrisrood.com

Never Trade Time for Money

Stop trading your time for money and start trading value so you can create more time.  Chris Rood is an expert wholesaler and contract flipper who has built a multimillion dollar business.  If you want to learn more go to http://chrisrood.com

Why You Give Value on Social Media

Chris Rood expert wholesaler explains and takes you through the exact steps on how you can build wealth with wholesaling to invest in big multi family marketing deals later on down the line.  Watch the steps and get involved.  Learn more at http://chrisrood.com

How to Get Started in Wholesaling

Chris Rood expert wholesaler explains and takes you through the exact steps on how you can build wealth with wholesaling to invest in big multi family marketing deals later on down the line.  Watch the steps and get involved.  Learn more at http://chrisrood.com

What is Wholesaling?

Chris Rood Expert Wholesaler has broken down the difference between wholesaling, wholetailing and flipping. And in explicit detail why you never want to get involved in flipping.  Learn more from Chris at http://chrisrood.com

What is Real Estate Contract Flipping

Chris Rood expert real estate wholesale and wholetailer, explains how he has built a dominant business in the industry through contract flipping. Learn how this low risk investment makes you as much as $100,000 per month and builds a sustainable industry without the risk.  Learn more at http://chrisrood.com